Woman Saves Stranger from Harm

We received a call from a woman that had a remarkable story to share, and we feel others can learn from how she handled the situation and saved a stranger from harm. The story below is a direct quote.


“I was walking back to my hotel with friends, and I noticed a couple on the sidewalk. They were standing in a very isolated area, and I could tell something was wrong with the girl by assessing her body language. I made eye contact with her, and she gave me this look like she was frightened. I don’t know how I acted so quickly, but this is what came out of my mouth, “Hey girl, we have been looking for you! Where have you been?” I put my arm around her and began walking, and I whispered to her if she knew the guy, and her answer was no. The guy just followed us, and as soon as I could see people outside our hotel, I told the guy to get lost. He said nothing and just took off.”

“We took the girl to our room and she immediately fell asleep. Fortunately, she had her phone on, so when it rang, we answered it. It was her friends looking for her, and we gave them our location.”

“Her friends arrived, and we finally got the girl to wake up. She remembered having one drink and does not recall anything else. The girl also discovered that her billfold was missing.”


This story struck us because there is so much we can learn from directly paying attention to our surroundings, knowing how to read body language, and using our intuition. This is also a great lesson about taking care of other human beings even if you don’t know them and what this woman did was truly intuitive and heroic. It also helped that she had a group of women with her when she approached the couple.


Our best guess is the girl was drugged, and the guy was waiting for a ride to take her somewhere. We will leave it up to your imagination with what he wanted from her. The woman who saved the girl said she was beyond thankful that she took a risk and helped her. 

Have you ever experienced an event where you used your intuition to help someone? Please share your safety tips and stories to empowered@prettyloaded.org so we can pass more life-saving information to others. These stories help develop the correct mindset of knowing how to respond in unfamiliar situations.

Please read the safety guide for students below for more in-depth information on how to stay safe while at a party or an event.





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