Krav Maga Class
We’re talking about some moves that will potentially stop an attacker or save your life!

Ladies, don’t forget to go to North Dakota Krav Maga this Saturday, February 1st for a Couples Course (you can also bring a girlfriend if you do not have a significant other) from 10-12 and you do not need to register. The investment is only $10, without question the best $10 you will spend on yourself all year!

This is an introductory course, but you will leave with many skills that work with your instinctive reactions so you will be able to practice and quickly reach the point of feeling confident with using Krav Maga. No fancy flying kicks, you’ll learn real world, street tested, save your life sorta stuff.

If you needed any more reason to go, we will be giving away a Surefire Defender Ultra flashlight in a raffle to one of our students who have taken the Situational Awareness/ Self-Defense Mindset class!! A $265.00 value!

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