This was another excellent week of empowering two more groups on personal safety skills!

One of the things that Pretty Loaded teaches is to be aware of your surroundings, looking for things that seem out of place so you have time to avoid danger. Let’s learn a few things:

[bctt tweet=”If you cannot be surprised then you are difficult to harm.”]

Something that may set your “alarm” off is a stranger that watches you for an extended period of time. Body language is 90% of all communication and knowing the clues to look for will keep you safe.

Humans are just like animals before they attack and they are predictable. The Secret Service uses this and it’s called the “Threat Assessment Approach”. Some signs to look for:

-a stranger with an interest in you

-staring without blinking at their intended target

-clenching and unclenching of their jaw and/or fists

-hands in pockets or one hand behind the back.

-movement toward you to get into position.

-a simple question will be asked to distract and see if you are compliant (answering the question shows you are weak and easily distracted).

What do you do when you see this? It’s easy. Move, move, move away from the person!!!

If they see you are aware and hard to get, then you will not be an easy target for them and hopefully they will leave you alone and find another target. Predators are cowards, fear failure, and target the most distracted person in their vicinity.

It’s been a great week teaching some really receptive people, one group of which is definitely high risk, but has a director who is really interested in their safety. One of the many compliments we received this week was “This is better Safety training than I received at the State Pen when I worked there, thank you!”

The skills we teach can be used by anyone and are actionable immediately. Why not educate yourself today? Arrange for a presentation for your group, or become empowered immediately with our online training today. And don’t forget to click here for some free safety tips.


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