It’s better to have the skills and not need them than need the skills and not have them:

Situational Awareness and Self-Defense Mindset are the foundation of your personal safety.

In this online video series we focus on conflict avoidance, predator mindset and tactics, and tools to detect, dissuade and defeat a predator. This video series will give you confidence, knowledge, and change the way you feel about your safety forever! Protect your life, it’s the only one you have!

This training is for you, your family, and those you love. The safety of yourself and your family is the MOST important investment you can make. 

Investment: Purchase the Online training now for our initial offering of $147  $99 ($79 for the Blaze community just enter theblaze in the coupon area upon checkout) for unlimited access to the Pretty Loaded Video Training Series and learn at your own pace.

Gift Certificate: An initial offering of $147 $99 ($79 for the Blaze community just enter theblaze in the coupon area upon checkout). This provides your recipient unlimited access to the Pretty Loaded Video Training series after they redeem their gift certificate. 

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You already know why it matters

Because your life depends on it.

Your cell phone won’t save you.

An attack will be over before help arrives!

An encounter is over in seconds when help is minutes away. YOU are the first responder.

An assault occurs every 36 seconds, a murder every 35 minutes, a rape every 1.3 minutes and a robbery every 90 seconds in America.

Don’t become another statistic. Learn how to avoid confrontations by learning situational awareness skills
and learning the tactics of the predator.


You know what it’s worth

Make your life’s MOST important investment today.

Purchase your life saving training

Give the gift of safety.

Learn life saving skills now

The Training Video Topics
Training 1- Why Pretty Loaded
Training 2- You are the First Responder
Training 3- Situational Awareness Skills
Training 4- Predator Mindset and Tactics
Training 5- Intuition, Body Language, Verbal Defense
Training 6- Defensive Skills and Hardware
Training 7- Traveling Tips and Awareness in Public
Total Training Time: 1:38

In this video Series you will learn:

–  Realities of violence and statistics relating to violence
– Why violence seems to be more and more prevalent
– Situational Awareness skills to navigate your surroundings for potential or immediate threats
– Learn power tactics against being targeted
– Verbal defense commands
– Learn to keep personal space
– Develop a self-defense mindset
– Understand and read body language
– Tips on parking lots, running paths, buildings, and stairwells

– Learn where “fringe areas” are located
– Teenage and College age advice and tips
– Tips for business travel including hotel safety and blending into large cities
– Predator mindset, common tactics and body language
– What to do “when seconds count and help is minutes away”
– Become the first responder
– Psychological escalation in stress levels
– Physiologic (fight or flight) response to stress
– Pros and Cons of self-defense hardware
– Intro to Krav Maga (martial arts) self-defense
– Empowered and Loaded

What others are saying

Pretty Loaded has released their first video based seminar series on situational awareness and it is outstanding.  It may be targeted to women, but men can learn just as much from it.  I am confident that this seminar will save lives and it is something you should make sure the women in your life see.
Jack Spirko, Founder www.thesurvivalpodcast.com (over 100k plus listeners a day)

So I finished your course last night, and I admire and appreciate the way you molded information from so many great resources into one logical and comprehensive program. Recently I read Gift of Fear and On Combat so I have a hint of the broad base of knowledge that you tapped and then had to edit down…no easy feat. Thanks.

Steve- Minneapolis, MN

I was so impressed with your Online training. Your content, visuals and organization are amazing. Lots of great information to think about and act on.

Ganya Anderson, Instructional Designer and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

What a fantastic group of training professionals! They are constantly availing themselves of every possible personal defense method – every opportunity for continuing education, to make lives safer. They are also modifying the skills used by agencies like the Secret Service and State Department to protect VIP’s, to teach Pretty Loaded students and clients how to better protect family members – particularly children. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to hear the team speak on awareness, empowerment and defense, you need to get it on your list!

Rick Colliver, Security Director- Time Warner Cable Author-Principal Protection; Lessons Learned

All of us need training, and some of us need it now! If you’re looking for a foundation in self-defense that you can implement immediately, look no further than the on-line training program Beth and the team at Pretty Loaded have produced. It’s simple, straight-forward, and full of great tactics and tips you can put to use today! Highly recommended!

Frank Sharpe - www.fortressdefense.com

Purchase your life saving training

Give the gift of safety