We have received testimonials from women who have been attacked in broad daylight, in busy parking lots and running paths. Although it was all over in a few minutes, their life was forever changed. They urge you to heed their warning and learn self-protection skills before you need them.


female_runner_attacked_1A chilling scene from our latest video is when the runner is taken and thrown on the ground. We illustrate the timer on the screen to show just how fast it was to grab the runner and put her face down in the leaves. The time was 9 seconds!

We hope this situation doesn’t ever happen to you, but the most successful people in life plan for the best, but prepare for the worst.

The point we want to drive home is that you cannot allow yourself to be surprised and ambushed because you would be dealing with a very evil person who is intending to violently assault you and in some tragic cases, kill you. Predators are violent and they do not play fair.

Utilize our safety tips from “The Runner” video to will make an immediate and positive impact on your safety. It doesn’t matter if you are running, walking or shopping downtown.

1. Run or walk with a dog, another friend or a group. There is strength in numbers. Predators will most often target a person who is alone.

2. Wear headphones at your own risk! Headphones display that you are distracted and you cannot hear a car approaching let alone a predator.

3. Run or walk on a well-traveled and well-lit path. If you feel you are in danger then you will have other people to run to for help. Obviously carry a tactical flashlight anytime you expect to be in the dark.

4. We live in an world where everyone is doing multiple things at once. Do not be distracted by your smartphone. You are completely unaware and anyone can approach you and attack.

5. Run or walk in areas where other people are around. Do not run on a deserted path or country road alone.

6. Do not run or walk too close to buildings or trees where someone can ambush and grab you.

7. Be cautious of people just loitering around your path of travel. If you see something that seems out of place,  turn and go the other way or cross the street.

8. Alter your route and do not be predictable. Sometimes predators will take an interest in you if they see you out running or walking on the same path at the same time of day.

9. Be cautious of people following too closely. If someone approaches quickly and then keeps your same pace this may be a red flag. It is very unnatural for a stranger to keep your same running or walking pace.

10. If you are surprised and grabbed then be a fighter! Do not EVER give up and never let them take you to another location no matter what they threaten. NOW is your moment of truth! Fight, kick, scream and do anything you need to in order to protect your body and life. No one has the right to violently assault you.

Situational Awareness is the foundation of your personal security and is an amazing tool for you because it focuses on conflict avoidance. If you are interested in learning even more life saving tips then you can purchase our Online training or DVD here and share with your loved ones.

Our message is this: the best fight is the one you’re never in!

As we had hoped, our latest video “The Runner” has received world wide attention. The comments we have received continues to motivate us to share even more safety tips. Thank you for sharing this video so you can do your part to save lives!

A huge thanks to our actresses, actors, film crew, photographer and support crew! We’re all motivated by one very important mission: we’re changing the world to make it a safer place!


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