The Demonettes and Moms

This group was energetic and fun as most private groups are! They asked many great questions about safety issues. We have to admit that this is the first time we have ever presented to students that had Real Care Baby Infant Simulators and it added to the fun. In the middle of the presentation the babies would cry very loud and the two girls caring for them had to change diapers and feed them. The girls were great sports and it was impressive that they wanted to receive the training so badly that they brought their “babies”.

Many of the girls have felt afraid at times in their lives and wanted to know what to do in certain situations. One of their top complaints is that schools don’t teach self-defense and many feel scared on a daily basis. One of the mothers in the class was almost abducted by a man in a van two blocks from her home a month ago. Fortunately, her intuition kicked in and she knew to run.


Pretty Loaded is all about teaching the mindset and skills to avoid the confrontations and understand how predators operate so you can dissuade them from attacking you. We were so excited to see that the students felt empowered and they now have the training to take care of themselves.

Our mission is to save people from being attacked or hurt and it’s a great feeling to help others develop a personal safety plan so they can protect their precious lives. Remember, you only have one life to live so live with confidence and courage!

Our Online training premiere is tonight and we are ready to launch this to the world to empower even more lives. Remember, Pretty Loaded students get a 50% discount, so email us if you’re interested and you can watch the trailer here. Be Safe. Be Empowered. Demonettes and their Mothers, you are now LOADED!

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