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We often get asked why we don’t blog on all the latest violence that is going on in the media. Really? We would be blogging non-stop all day long. It doesn’t take very much to find another brutal murder, more terrorist attacks, violence in schools and the list goes on and on…

The truth is this: There will always be evil people that hurt and kill for their own narcissistic needs and our hope is that you don’t ever cross the path of these psychopaths. Our mission is to prepare you to avoid ever being harmed and to instill confidence so you can live the life of your dreams.

Our training is not for the average person who lives a mediocre life.

Pretty Loaded training is for the person who can look denial square in the face and realize that YOU are primarily responsible for ensuring your own personal safety. Here is a list of the Top 10 reasons you should “Get Pretty Loaded”!

  1. Crime can happen to anyone at anytime of the day in a “good” or “bad” area. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female or if you are in a park or in your home. Predators strike at any time of day at all locations.
  2. Become empowered, gain confidence, knowledge and skills. Learn how to read body language and use your body language and verbal defenses to stop predators. These skills alone will dissuade a predator from targeting you! Walk with confidence and be aware. Have defensive hardware options available and know how to use them effectively.
  3. Consider learning personal safety skills as a cheap life insurance policy. Look at what you spent money on in the past year. If you learned skills to decrease your chance of being a target of vicious intentions, wouldn’t that be a wise investment compared to most of that other stuff?
  4. If nothing else, do it for your children and those that count on you because you’re in charge of keeping them safe after all. You taught your children to swim so they wouldn’t drown and you showed them how to cross the street without getting hit by a car. You have many people counting on you to be here tomorrow.
  5. Be a role model for your children or those that love you and look up to you. Give them the confidence they need and show them how much you value protecting your life. Be the change you want to see in the world.
  6. It is better to have a plan and not need it, than need a plan and not have it. What if the unthinkable happens and someone intends to harm you? Isn’t it much better to invest time and money into training that you pray you will never need, than to not have the training and really need it someday? HAVE A PLAN!
  7. Crime is on the rise with the economic hard times and your chances of being a victim are also increased. America leads the World in the number of incarcerated individuals! There are also a high percentage of “opportunistic psychopaths” who are “normally good” but will exhibit psychopathic behavior if given the opportunity. Currently crime statistics are on the rise in our “intact society”. Look at how crime skyrockets when a natural disaster like a hurricane strikes!
  8. Renting a police officer or personal security guard is very expensive. Isn’t it ironic that so many of the famous and politically powerful people employ their own personal protection details, but then don’t advocate for the rest of us to be our own first responders? It would be fantastic to have someone guard us all of the time, but this is not feasible for the majority of us. When seconds count help is minutes away.
  9. Studies show learning a new skill will increase your happiness. Don’t we all want more happiness? Isn’t it always in our best interest to make ourselves a better person? If you really need to dig this deep to get motivation to learn self-protection skills, well, there you have it! Do it to make you happier!
  10. Protect your life, it’s the only one you have! You get but just one shot at living in this world. Why not have it go the way you want it to? There is no room for another person to cause pain or a nightmare to scar you the rest of your life. Live with boldness and courage. “Go BIG or go home!”


The year 2015 is coming to a close and we have to admit it has been an EVENTFUL year! Pretty Loaded has gone from a regional company to a nationally-recognized situational awareness and self-protection company in two years! We are selling our training across the country and our followers are from all over the WORLD!! Our videos have been viewed by millions and the comments and testimonials keep flooding in. Thank you to our followers for all of your support, and sharing our information YOU are being a big part of the solution to decrease violence.

If you want to empower yourself or your loved ones you can access our training here, and view safety tips for FREE here.

Consider giving the gift of personal safety this holiday season, it’s a gift with priceless value!

Wherever you are and whatever your holiday celebration, all of us at Pretty Loaded wish you safety and happiness!



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