“Protect Your Life, It’s the Only One You Have!” -Pretty Loaded

This video gets your attention and it is intended to be disturbing to bring you out of your comfort zone. Everyone helping with the production of the video even felt uneasy as we heard the screams because you can’t help but think, “What if that was me or my child?”

-The truth? You are responsible for your own safety as well as that of your loved ones. We have had thousands of parents share this with their children and this video has reinforced their teaching.

-Your phone? Unfortunately that magic cell phone can do everything, but it cannot save your life. And… If you can calm yourself enough to even dial 911 the police will be their 10-15 minutes after the call. When seconds count help is minutes away!

-The criminal? Psychopaths are attracted to weak and distracted humans. They are opportunists because they fear for their own life with what they are about to do to someone so they go for the weak and easy target.

-Self-protection training? Research shows that 80% of victims seek out self-defense or self-protection training after an incident happens. Pretty Loaded focuses on conflict avoidance and we teach proactive safety skills because who wants to endure the psychological aftermath of an attack if you survive.

Our training deals with tactics to detect, dissuade, and defeat a predator. You can invest in your personal safety plan with immediate access Online training or a DVD that you can share with your family here. If you purchase the training in the next week we will give you two pretty loaded cling vinyl stickers for free to put on your home window to deter burglars.

Please keep commenting on Facebook because there are a lot of people bringing up great perspectives. For example: Most modern cars have trunk latches, but don’t bet on that for a safety plan in case it has been disabled or the car doesn’t have one.

Thank you for all the compliments because we feel we are making a difference in this world and it’s what keeps us going.

Here’s to fighting the good fight and being in charge of your life. You only have one life to live and it is your dream so do not let someone turn it into a nightmare!



Invest in your safety now.

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