Beth, founder of Pretty Loaded, had the opportunity to demo virtual reality training with Convergence Reality. Convergence Reality is the most immersive virtual reality simulation training for law enforcement available today. It features the most technologically advanced artificial intelligence for law enforcement training ever created, Convergence AI. This tool enables officers to interact with fully dynamic subjects, victims, and bystanders in simulation that can comprehend, respond, and react to the environment around them and the officers involved, just as humans do. Beth’s virtual reality experience on de-escalation training and active shooter training with stress inoculation was impactful.

The top cutting-edge virtual reality training for law enforcement is coming to the corporate safety and security sector.

“Surgeons have been using virtual reality for years with becoming 29% faster and six times fewer errors on average.” (Source:

The basic active shooter and de-escalation training is not enough since traditional teaching methods are expensive, unrealistic, and lack the stress inoculation to retain information.

Virtual reality training is proven to upscale team members safety skills faster with over 400% increase in long-term retention (Source: and 3.75 times more emotionally connected to learning the content. (Source:

This is the most impactful learning technology available. By simulating real-life encounters, employees gain crucial decision-making skills, emotional resilience, and tactical expertise, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle the complexities of various events keeping those around them safe.

Take your employees’ safety to the next level with Convergence Reality training.




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