Situational Awareness for Travelers Series

If you travel for business or pleasure, this page will become your ultimate resource to help educate and empower you with awareness while on the road.

Online Training

Situational Awareness focuses on conflict avoidance, giving you time to see if there are potential threats coming your way. It teaches you to pay greater notice to people, places, and objects in your vicinity. You learn to watch body language, assess different situations and make the best decision based on those assessments. It comes down to this: the best fight is one you’re never in!

Pretty Loaded gave an informative program and demonstration on situational awareness and personal security for business travelers at our Leadership Conference.

Their program was highly rated and created a buzz of conversation among our attendees.

Tim Rasmussen

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Situational Awareness Videos for Travelers

We are constantly creating new videos in our Situational Awareness for Travelers series. If you have ideas for what topics you’d like to see videos on, please contact us and let us know!