Situational Awareness Training for Teens & College Students

If you are a a teenager or university student, this page will become your ultimate resource to help educate and empower you with awareness in a world full of predators.

Online Training

Teens and University students are at higher risk for a violent encounter. One of the greatest assets you can have to leading a healthy and happy life is knowing how to protect yourself so you can live the life of your dreams.

I think your video is fantastic and it really moved me. I wish there was a video that could have helped me. I am 21 years old and from the UK. When I was 15, I was walking through a car park during the day time full of people and I was pushed into a car and raped and abused. More girls need education as it happens anywhere and any time. Thank you for educating our girls!

The Victim

Situational Awareness Videos for Teens & University Students

We are constantly creating new videos in our Situational Awareness for Teens & University Students series. If you have ideas for what topics you’d like to see videos on, please contact us and let us know!