College Campus Safety & Situational Awareness Training

Prepare your teen and send them off to college with the tools they need to thrive and stay safe

Many situations arise that impact your child’s safety. This program, designed for college bound students, equips them with the ability to identify potential threats so they understand how to react quickly and effectively.

Prepare Your Child for the Unexpected While Away from Home

Our affordable, video-based course, available anytime online or by mobile phone, appeals to short attention spans, so your children are more likely to watch and remember the lessons. In under 1 hour at their own pace, they’ll gain practical skills for navigating unfamiliar environments and tools for anticipating potentially dangerous situations to reduce their risk.

“Sexual violence is more prevalent on college campuses and for our young people it’s the first time they are in charge of their safety & well-being. As a rape and aggression defense instructor I have used and highly recommend Pretty Loaded videos and trainings for any college campuses looking to keep their community members safe and informed. I especially recommend Pretty Loaded for young people in high school and heading off to college. In my opinion it’s one of the best self-defense programs you could bring to your child or young adult.

— Kelly Mitchell, Lieutenant Middletown RI Retired 2011, Sergeant Police Retired 2023, Brown University

By the end of our college campus safety course, your child will be able to:

  • Navigate their surroundings with situational awareness skills
  • Learn to be a hard target
  • Keep themselves and their friends safe in unfamiliar situations
  • Repel criminals and danger with easy-to-learn body language
  • Outsmart predators with insider knowledge about how they target people
  • Avoid potential threats by knowing exactly what to look for and respond correctly

Plus this bonus material:

  • Urban safety tips
  • Safe driving tips
  • Hotel safety tips

“I used to be afraid all of the time and doing all the wrong things that attracted bad people to me until I took your training. I’m now aware and use strong eye contact and I’m much more confident.”

— Emme S., college student

Instructor: Beth Warford

Beth Warford Millions of people have experienced Beth Warford’s self-defense and situational awareness training videos and thousands have been trained in-person. She understands how to create videos for teens — she’s even tested the training on her own children heading off to college.

Learn about Beth

Pretty Loaded training is used by law enforcement, multi-million dollar organizations, the U.S. Court System, Real Estate schools, colleges, and many more organizations worldwide.

Investing in a situational awareness course is an investment in your child’s safety and your piece of mind. And, you will empower your child with the personal safety training they need to be strong, aware, and confident.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days for a full refund.

“Thank you! Thank you! My daughter would not listen to me about putting her phone away in public until I showed her your video. She is following your safety tips and I feel more comfortable when she is by herself.”

— Melanie L., mother