Personal Safety Resources for Children and Parents

There is no greater asset in life than our children, without question, you will do anything to protect a child. Safety for children is a matter of safety for you first. Safety skills starts with learning as much as you can and then teaching your children. We provide many valuable safety skills that your child will not learn in school and are imperative in staying safe.

This is excellent!! I had asked my daughter what my grandsons would do in a missing puppy scenario. I then asked the boys & they both answered they would go help. It scared her really bad and we sat down and talked with the boys. I’m going to show them this video.

Thank you for what you do!!


Situational Awareness Videos for Parents

We are constantly creating new videos in our Situational Awareness for Parents series. If you have ideas for what topics you’d like to see videos on, please contact us and let us know!