Situational Awareness and Personal Safety Video Training for Individuals and Corporations

Pretty Loaded develops practical, usable, no nonsense, easy to learn, preventative personal safety training that uses situational awareness, body language, criminal tactics and de-escalation techniques to prevent injury or harm.


Online Training for Individuals or Corporations


20 all NEW video shorts & safety guides that will change the way you feel about your safety forever including:

  • Street smarts for walking to and from work
  • Outsmart criminals and learn to be a hard target
  • Hotel safety, Uber safety and urban safety tips
  • Develop situational awareness skills
  • Learn the fringe areas (high crime areas)
  • De-escalation training and pre-attack body indicators
  • All new videos and guides not on our site

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Custom Videos for Corporate Safety Training

We also work with corporations to create safety training videos for employees — particularly delivery drivers, field or lone workers, and realtors. Among the many options available, custom videos may address a company’s:

  • Brand identity and assets
  • Specific safety concerns
  • Educational platform formatting requirements
  • Employee user experience needs

Learn more about our corporate training programs

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Parking Lot Safety Tips with a Child

How To Prevent Child Kidnapping

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Elevator Safety Tips

Parking Lot Situational Awareness Skills

Running & Walking Safety Tips

Exposing Criminals on The Street

Home Invasion Safety Tips

Strong Eye Contact = Hard Target

The Pepper Spray Test

Stop a Predator with a Palm Strike

Urban Situational Awareness Tip

How Dogs Help Keep You Safe

How Criminals Target People

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