Learn Situational Awareness and Proactive Personal Safety Skills Through Our Custom Videos

In the following video shorts we show situational awareness and proactive personal safety examples and focus on just a few of the many skills explored in the full Pretty Loaded Video Training Series. Pretty Loaded has developed a practical, usable, no nonsense, easy to learn, proactive personal safety training that uses situational awareness, body language, criminal tactics and de-escalation techniques to prevent injury or harm.

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Are You Distracted?

Rideshare/ Uber Safety Tips

Children Walking to and From School

Walking in Public Safety Tips

Parking Lot Safety Tips with a Child

How To Prevent Child Kidnapping

Motivational- You are Enough!

Elevator Safety Tips

Parking Lot Situational Awareness Skills

Running & Walking Safety Tips

Exposing Criminals on The Street

Home Invasion Safety Tips

Strong Eye Contact = Hard Target

The Pepper Spray Test

Stop a Predator with a Palm Strike

Urban Situational Awareness Tip

How Dogs Help Keep You Safe

How Criminals Target People