Half of our Thursday night Minot class

We went to Minot, ND last week and trained a group of women who all worked for a company that felt strongly enough about the need for their employee’s safety to invest in the training for them.

What does it take for one company to invest in their team like this and for another not to? Is it just the value system of the leaders, or is it something else?

When you were a young child it didn’t take long to realize that evil people existed in the world. Parents and teachers often talked about violence, but they didn’t teach the real world skills necessary for safety other than “don’t talk to strangers” and the niceties like that.

We may have learned in psychology from Sigmund Freud that human instincts could be divided into two categories: “those which seek to preserve and unite and those which seek to destroy and kill.” He continued to write that the phenomenon of life evolves from their “acting together and against each other.” Hmm. At the very basic level, that sure seems to have been proven by the test of time, hasn’t it?

We may have also studied Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” where the base of the pyramid is Physiological Needs (water, food) followed by Safety Needs. The peak of the pyramid is Self-Actualization. The challenge is that you may never get up the pyramid “to your best potential” if the base of the pyramid needs are not met. According to Maslow, as people satisfy their most basic physical and emotional needs, they become more and more able to be concerned with their higher needs. It’s clear that we need to feel safe in order to make it to the next level of the pyramid.

Did the schools you attended offer Self-Defense 101 or Predators 201? My school didn’t and I’ve just learned how to take care of myself in recent years through training I’ve sought out on my own. Its the Pretty Loaded mission to bring that to you.

Not having skills to protect yourself causes levels of fear and anxiety to be very high and it may literally or figuratively paralyze you from living the life of your dreams. We teach that avoidance of a conflict is the chief concern because although you may prevail in a violent encounter, research shows that your life will never quite be the same.

Back to our buddy Maslow: There is even the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Corporate Needs for a healthy company to thrive in this world. I’m guessing this is one of the many reasons this Minot based company is so successful and why they provided safety training for their team.

This group was a blast to work with and they were very engaged during the presentation and demonstrations. The skills and confidence the ladies earned will spill over into their personal and work life. These women are seeking to preserve and unite.

We are very excited to be training multiple businesses in August and if that is something you are interested in please email us at empowered@prettyloaded.org or call us at 1-701-484-6306.



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