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Ten Pretty Loaded Safety Tips

Live in Condition Yellow

Be alert, look people directly in their eyes, scan in front and behind of you, watch people, things, hands, eyes and anything out of place. Look for possible dangers and always be aware of where you could escape if you need to. Know where exits are in stores or restaurants.

Use Verbal Commands

If a stranger is coming at you and starts to ask a question remember to get your body in the fighting stance with your hands up and out and say:

“Stop!” “Sorry Sir, I can’t help you!” “Back off!” Remember to have strong command presence.

Remember Predator Tactics

Forced teaming, charm and niceness, loansharking, typecasting, the unsolicited promise, discounting the word no.

Display strong Body Language

Walk with purpose, head up, walk fast, have hands free of bags, purse crossed over the body or on non-dominant arm, keys in your hand (not at the bottom of your purse), look ahead to your car and make sure no one is standing by it, and look people directly in the eyes. (*Do the Power Pose every day)

Physical Defenses

You ARE STRONG! Palm strike, elbow strike, kick, use the back of your head, scrape their shins and stomp on their foot, wrist release, choke-hold release, fingers in eyes, break knee cap, and hammer fist. Take a class in martial arts or watch videos on YouTube. Remember, predators do not want a fighter. is an amazing training tool that is world renowned in teaching how to use your body to fight.

Keep your Personal Space

Your personal space that you “own” is 21 feet. If you tell someone to get out of your space and they don’t then they have announced bad intentions. You need to be aware of your surroundings at least 30-50 feet around you.

Remember to look at Body Language

Ominous signs are staring without blinking for long periods of time. Clenching and unclenching fists or jaw. Hands in pockets.

Predator Strategy

– Target you (Do you look distracted and weak? This is not you! You are aware and strong and stare the person in the eyes. Remember this sends a subconscious signal to the predator that you are a fighter.)

– Position (Can the predator get close to you without you noticing? The element of surprise is to the predator’s advantage. Do not let them get close. Remember to use your verbal commands and have strong body language.)

– Test or Interview (This is where they ask you a simple question. Do NOT answer the question because if you do it shows you are compliant or submissive to them and they will likely attack. This is also to distract you.)

– Assault (If you failed all the above then this is what happens.)

Carry Defensive Hardware to protect you

You need to “own” whatever you have to protect you and practice using it.

Trust your Intuition!

This is your Sixth Sense Security System! Listen to it and do not judge people on appearance or job title.

Ten Pretty Loaded Safety Tips

  • Research city traveling to, pack in one bag, traveling alone puts you at increased risk, don’t take public transportation from airport (use trusted car services).
  • Be the “Gray man or woman” in large cities, blend in.
  • Be on guard in “fringe areas”.
  • Be conscious of date rape drugs, ask bartender for drink and watch it.
  • Don’t walk too close to buildings or areas you could be pulled into.
  • Run and walk in well-traveled areas and no headphones.
  • Throw your purse and run if someone demands it, don’t hand it to them.
  • Stay in rooms 2-7 and never on the first floor. Avoid hotel bars or lounges.
  • Never take stairwells or elevators alone with a stranger.
  • Teach your children “code words” and safety skills.

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