I was very excited to be on The Survival Podcast (TSP) today. The host, Jack Spirko has over 90,000 listeners and this is episode 1278, which is very impressive in the pod-casting world. The Survival Podcast covers a wide range of topics, from gardening, farming and self-reliant living to economics, philosophy, and personal defense.

Jack’s motto is: “If times get tough, or even if they don’t.”  This really resonates with the Pretty Loaded mission as we’re all about teaching about what to do if a moment gets tough, but how to avoid it if at all possible.

We cover all Pretty Loaded topics from women and guns to situational awareness and self defense. Its obvious that Jack is very passionate about personal defense and especially about empowering women to overcome the “fluffy white blanket” called “denial”.

You’ll learn a bit more of my history as well as get a sneak peak into some of our presentations!

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