krav maga for blog

What a morning packed with fitness, self-defense moves and adventure! Master Tomas Reis has more real world fighting experience than anyone we’ve ever met and has an unbelievable talent at motivation and teaching! The whole Pretty Loaded team was there, because we also practice what we teach!

Today we learned how to do palm strikes, elbow strikes, snap kicks, knee strikes and many other ways of making a bad guy call for his Momma! We also learned the tactics to handle a situation with a loved one if you are about to be attacked and how to take a child back from a hostage situation. Scary stuff, but better to “have the knowledge and not need it, than need it and not have it.” This is mind blowing information that you can only take in from an actual class at ND Krav Maga.

So instead of living a life of denial (oh, that could NEVER happen to me!) why not invest $10 and learn potentially life saving skills while having a blast pushing yourself to see just how strong you are? We heard “I didn’t know I was this strong!” over and over again. I think the energy and confidence building was at a fever pitch! This class is given the first Saturday of every month.

The next women’s Krav Maga course is March 1st . We promise you will walk away feeling empowered, and that your life will never be the same.

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