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It’s been over a year since the first request, and months of hard work in the making by a dedicated team, and we’re finally ready to launch our Online Training.

For those of you who have been to our website recently, we’re sure you’ve noticed the changes as we’ve been revamping much of our website and training to better accommodate a wider audience because now our Situational Awareness and Self Defense Mindset training is accessible worldwide! As students of our live classes would tell you, this is a very unique training experience and presented in the Pretty Loaded style of inspiration and empowerment to get everyone to take charge of their own personal safety. Total presentation time is 1:38, separated into 7 modules and has more content than our live classes. The target audience is men, women, and teenagers.

This Thursday, November 20th, at 6:00PM we’re having a premiere party at a Top Secret location in Bismarck. We would love to have a few of our students come, so if you’re interested, email us at and we’ll have a random drawing from those who respond. Food and drinks will be served.

For everyone else, the training is now available online, so we’d love to have you check it out. We will have a “gifting option” available this week as well. What better gift to give than the Gift of Safety training to your friends and loved ones? It will even help you avoid all the Black Friday hoopla!

We hope you enjoy the trailer here.

Be Safe. Be Empowered. Be Loaded.





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