When the students are asked in class if they have ever felt afraid or threatened almost the entire class raise their hands. There are so many scenarios that are easy to avoid or de-escalate if you just know what to do. That’s where our training in situational awareness, predator mindset, and self-defense mindset all come into play.

Our Pretty Loaded commercial titled “You Are the First Responder” is ready to view and we are thrilled with it! Great videography from DN Cinematics and the acting debut of my niece, Ashton.


There is so much to learn about being aware of your surroundings and it is the principle key to keeping yourself from danger. The element of surprise is to the predator’s advantage and if you notice them and then act in the proper way, it will likely dissuade them from pursuing the situation further.

We know the school system doesn’t teach you these essential skills to protect your life, so now’s the time to seek that training on your own.

Our first live class of 2015 is available in early January after many requests from mothers who want to come with their daughters before heading back to college after the Christmas break. If that class doesn’t work into your schedule, this is where the online training comes in.

This Online training can be viewed an unlimited amount of time and at your own pace. You can educate your immediate family and give them training that can be put into use immediately. Give the gift of Safety to yourself or someone you love this Holiday season.

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