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Pretty Loaded, a woman-owned business located in Bismarck, ND, USA, provides inspirational situational awareness and personal safety educational programs and original videos to improve the safety of individuals and families, and for corporate wellness training.

Founded by Beth Warford in 2013, the company’s safety education is used by security directors of large corporations, the U.S. Court System, hospitals, real estate schools, universities, and law enforcement agencies.

The company’s programs and videos address a wide range of topics such as: exposing criminal tactics, navigating fringe areas, becoming a hard target, lone worker safety training, safe driving and anti-carjacking tips, safety tips for delivery drivers, and learning situational awareness skills.

Specific programs are designed for parents, teens, groups, realtors, property managers, travelers, and for corporate training and wellness. 

Pretty Loaded submitted the National Situational Awareness Day to the National Day Calendar in 2015, which is now celebrated on September 26th.

Management and Staff

Beth Warford, Founder and Owner

Beth specialized in ICU and Sedation at numerous Children’s Hospitals as an RN, which has given her extensive experience performing under life and death moments of stress.

On a mission to install strength, awareness, and confidence, Beth began her journey as an educator and national speaker after a close encounter with a would-be predator. She quickly realized there were martial arts and gun training in the self-defense world, but little training on how to avoid a predator or dangerous situation. She realized this training would be invaluable worldwide which is why she launched Pretty Loaded in 2013.

Beth has trained thousands of people in person and through her online training around the world. Her personal safety videos reach millions globally.

Beth has been featured on Consumer Reports, Elite Readers, BuzzFeed, ViralNova, The List, and many networks. She is responsible for starting the National Situational Awareness Day, approved by the registrar of the National Day Calendar.

Beth loves spending her time reading, playing tennis, cooking, and painting. She is married and has four wonderful girls, organic chickens, teacup pigs, and lives on an organic produce farm and vineyard.

Pretty Loaded Crew

Beth’s husband, John, Alex (North Dakota), Vince and Tricia (Illinois), Linda (Connecticut) Gary (Arizona), Lee (Washington), and Rod (California). Detailed bios

Beth Warford Quotes

“Preparedness results in clear thinking when you find yourself in a dangerous situation. It’s better to have the skills and not need them, than need the skills and not have them.”

“Our situational awareness and personal safety education is designed to provide our partners with the information they need to make critical decisions about their own situations quickly.”


Press Coverage

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Industry Recognition

Florida Crime Prevention Association Speaker

Women’s Self Defense Summit Personal Safety Expert 2020 and 2021


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Beth Warford, founder of Pretty Loaded, 2023
Beth Warford, founder of Pretty Loaded, 2023


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