The Pokémon Go App was launched on July 8th, 2016 and it is turning people into situational awareness zombies. Strangers are gathering in common areas to play this game and they are looking at their phone the entire time. This game combines computer-generated Pokémon images with the real world to offer an immersive and interactive experience for players…an incredibly distracting and possibly dangerous game to say the least.


Our team used a friend’s phone that had the Pokémon Go App on it and we feel this App will cause a tidal wave of injuries and targeted violence across the country.

Child Abduction Video

This image pops up on your phone screen while you’re in your car. You shouldn’t be looking at your phone while driving, but the Pokémon Go App doesn’t know that.


Consider This:

If you still insist on downloading this App that virtually turns you into a zombie then you’d better keep these following tips in mind:

  • Only go to safe and secure locations that you are familiar with since criminals are deploying Pokéstop to target unsuspecting victims. See what has recently happened in Missouri here.

  • Do not go into private properties or police stations since this causes a security breech. If you are suddenly popping up behind cars and bushes you may be treated as a threat or criminal. FYI – mindlessly barging into a police station (this has happened) is NOT a good idea.

  • Downloading this App may be an additional tracking risk as well. Via the GPS in your smartphone, Pokémon Go can tell a lot of things about you based on your movement as you play: where you go, when you went there, time frames of the places you’ve been, how you got there, how long you stayed, and who else was there. Yes, your phone may already do some of this, but do you want to enhance that tracking more?

  • Only look at your phone screen when you are not in motion and pay attention to the people and environment around you. A lack of situational awareness skills is responsible for a high percentage of Emergency Room visits. If you think an innocuous item is harmless, then it is important to inform you that the selfie stick is responsible for more deaths than shark attacks last year. Another interesting article on the hazards of selfie sticks is this.

  • We must underscore this extremely important, possibly life saving tip: don’t ever play Pokémon Go while you are driving a vehicle (which is against the law in most states), riding a bike or skateboarding, since this is obviously extremely dangerous.

  • Remember that psychopaths and sociopaths make up 1-4% of the population so think about the strangers you are standing right next to when you are distracted on Pokémon Go. If you are trying to do the numbers in your head then you are right, that’s 3-12 million sociopaths in America alone.

  • If a young child is playing this game then make sure an adult is with them since some children have wandered off and gotten lost.

  • This App incentivizes players to meet complete strangers at a certain location and this is not safe, breaking situational awareness and safety training principles.

Yes, it is positive that kids and adults are actually getting some physical activity by getting off of the couch, but what’s the difference between sitting in your home with your head buried in a game or walking around in public with your head buried in a game?

There’s a huge difference: SAFETY!

We feel many more injuries and targeted violence will result from the use of this Pokémon Go App.

If you haven’t already, it won’t be long before you see Pokémon Go users in your neighborhood with their heads down, looking at their phones, and stumbling aimlessly like zombies trying to catch a two headed catfish or whatever other fantastical digital creature they “catch”. And yes, we have witnessed people tripping over curbs and falling on their face playing this game. While at the same time it may seem humorous, people not paying attention and walking into the street in front of a passing vehicle is not a laughing matter.

“Remember that you are in the real world and unlike Pokémon Go you only get one life. Protect your life, it’s the only one you have!”– Pretty Loaded

Our warning is to use Pokémon Go at your own RISK:

R-Really hazardous
-Security Issues
-Know the directions to your local ER!

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