Miranda speaking about defensive hardware options.

What an excellent group we had at the CHI St. Alexius Boniface Hall last night!

This group had a lot of energy and the surveys afterward are what keep us teaching these life saving skills. One of the women spoke with us afterwards because she had an incident where someone tried to steal their truck and the person actually used a gun in their truck to fire at her husband. Luckily, the husband unloaded the gun when he left it in the truck. If that’s not wild enough, the man that was later arrested had 15 felonies and he was out on the streets with you and me.

Denial…If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say, “It can’t happen to me…

Denial is quite the killer. It’s silent, it’s comforting, and then its effects strike when you aren’t prepared for your “moment of truth”. You need to critically evaluate how you would react in a defensive encounter, going through the steps and then letting one question really sink into your soul: If you were attacked, what would be going through your head at that instant? What would you be willing to have done, paid, sacrificed, bought, trained for, in order to make this situation go another way?

I’m guessing that when faced with death or serious bodily harm, your answer would’ve been simple: I would have done anything to be prepared to turn the tide of the present attack.

Consider these scenarios:

Do you know what to do if a threatening person starts walking towards you in the parking lot?

What is your first response for you and your loved ones if your door at home gets kicked in?

What would you do if three young men in the park approached you on your daily walk?

What are your options if a man draws a gun and tells you to get in his car?

You can learn answers to all of these questions and learn how to respond appropriately with adequate preparation and training. We teach men and women these things, and it blows their minds when they realize that yes, there are answers, there is a right response to take, and you can learn it just like any of the thousands of other skills you’ve learned in your life.

First, you have to kick denial out of your life before you’ll realize that you need to know those answers because it will take some time and training to learn them and denial will keep nagging you to just “forget about it”. The most successful people in life plan for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Who is the “real” first responder to a self-defense situation? It’s YOU, the person being attacked because attacks are over in seconds and outside help is minutes away. Police cannot protect all of the citizens and are usually called after an incident occurs. It is in your hands to know how to protect yourself and loved ones. Will you be ready? You don’t want an attack to be your motivator to learn the skills necessary to defend yourself.

Develop awareness, strength and confidence by empowering yourself with training now either as a group or on your own.

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