“You Opened My Eyes and Made Me Feel Safe Again!”

Thank you so much to those who have sent testimonials! I want you to know it’s what keeps Pretty Loaded charged up and inspired to keep adding vital information to our training. I want to share a testimonial that I received last week that really touched me:

“Just went through your online training, and it blew my expectations out of the water! Most people, including myself before your training, think they are observant and just need to be taught a few self-defense moves to have in their arsenal for “when” something happens. Well, something did happen to me before I had the training, and my bad situation wasn’t about just the self-defense moves. My bad situation could have been avoided if I would have known how important situational awareness was and would have prepared me to protect my personal space. Also, the training made me realize I wasn’t as observant as I thought I was. online training really opened my eyes to being aware of my surroundings first and foremost, in a much different way than I ever have. The training also taught me those self-defense moves that hopefully never have to be used since the situational awareness will help keep possibly bad situations at bay. I love that the online training can be reviewed at any time so I can keep going back to watch the segments I’d like to see again or practice. Thank you for empowering me and giving me my confidence back! I recommend this training for all women and men, and do it BEFORE something happens so you are ready to feel empowered in a bad situation and can get yourself to feeling SAFE again!

The first segment brought tears to my eyes. You opened with the perfect information to make a person want to dive in further into the training! I meant to just get started on it last Friday night (who imagines that’s what they’ll be doing on a Friday night, right?), but I couldn’t stop and we kept going through all the segments. We practiced the self-defense moves and watched that segment a couple of times. I loved it. I feel so much better about going places this week. I can’t believe how that incident scarred me, even more than I thought. Once I watched the training, I found myself rethinking how to handle that situation. I should have had my doors locked, and the whole situation could have been avoided at that point. But sometimes a person is lacking in situational awareness, and it’s important to know what else they can do if something happens.

When you add things to the training, will an email go out to paid users and let them know there’s a new segment added? That would be nice so we know to go check the site out again. I am signed up for the newsletter too by the way.

Again, excellent information! Opened my eyes and made me feel safe again! Thank you so much!” ~ Kelli

Thanks so much Kelli, we’re sure your experience is going to inspire others to value their personal safety plans even more. Yes, we will be updating the training with live videos and more information because we’re learning new things to share all of the time. Subscribe to our email list, and an email will be sent to all subscribers when the updates happen. We will be shooting some video today on different safety tips and we would like for you to submit what situations you’re curious about.

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