Everyone seems to hold a huge level of confidence in their pepper spray that they carry for self defense. I’m amazed, really, because they act as though it would be “Lightning from the Sky!” if they ever needed to use it on a bad guy.

Pepper Spray Demo

At Pretty Loaded, we are adamant about knowing the realities of what you choose for defensive hardware and be trained in their usefulness, pepper spray included. With this in mind, we decided to do some testing with various pepper sprays to learn more about their effectiveness. Do they hit as far away as advertised? Is one better than the other? Can weather (wind) be a factor? We didn’t test the heat, so we have to take the manufacturers word on that, but what we can test, we did. It’s worth taking a few minutes to see the results that we got!

We felt that this test, especially with the wind factor, was a huge eye-opener for our team. It just proves that you need to have a back up plan, in case your pepper spray proves ineffective (or your canister fails as one of ours did in the video!). Keep in mind that we were shooting at a STATIONARY target! Know that your attacker will most likely be ducking out of the way.

We highly recommend that you get training on self-awareness and how to use your hands! Check out our training catalog for more details. If you are not in our area and have questions about training in your area, please let us know how we can help!

So, what do YOU think? Would you be willing to trust your life to JUST pepper spray alone? You can leave your questions or comments below or use our Contact Us page.

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