Miranda, Beth, and Kristen

We are excited to celebrate our first anniversary – this has been an awesome year! Today is the one year anniversary of our first “going public” with a Facebook post.

We’ve been changing lives and helping both men and women develop situational awareness skills, develop self defense mindsets and develop personal safety plans to better protect themselves. We also have taught many the necessary skills to be safe and effective with a handgun. We are proud to say that we’re fulfilling our mission to help people lead safer lives!

Other than our first “practice” presentation being in November of last year, our first “real” presentation was in December to a room of ten women. Our initial goal was ten students per month, and wow have we blown past that! Needless to say, the response to what we’re teaching has been amazing. What we didn’t expect was the interests by individual businesses who “get it” and are providing our training to their employees and customers.

Thank you to all of you who have supported us throughout our last year especially our family and friends.

A huge thank you to the following who have been instrumental in the development and success of our business:


Scott and John with the Team

John, Beth’s husband. He’s the first person to introduce Beth to a way to protect herself and feel safe. He has helped with making the presentations, pushing us to constantly improve, and is an amazing resource for Pretty Loaded.

Scott Wild, our help with website, podcast, and a huge Pretty Loaded fan over the past year. He’s make great strides in becoming “Loaded” himself with skills as he’s worked with us. We’re as proud of you Scott as you are of us!

The Fortress Defense team (especially Frank, Tommy, Vince and Trish), our advanced training instructors, mentors and friends.

Bruce Luedeman, our NRA instructor.

Ame Onofrey in Colorado (the first person who said, “Beth, you should teach classes.”).

Tomas and Roxanne Reis (ND Krav Maga) for so much great advice and instruction.

Jack Spirko, for the interview that was listened to around the world by over 100,000 of his fans (The Survival Podcast).

Brink of Freedom Magazine, by Josiah and Holly. Thanks for believing in Beth as a Columnist for their E-magazine.

Deb Seminary at Inspired Woman Magazine.

Scheel’s Sports in Bismarck, especially Dan and Samantha, for graciously hosting our Situational Awareness Classes over the last year.

Nic at The Personal Defense Center.

The City Magazine and United Printing, especially Taylor, Billie, Corey and Ken, who helped promote our cause so much.

The Idea Center in Bismarck, especially Ellyn.

1 Million Cups.

JR Havens at KFYR TV.

Tim at MDU Resources group, who believed in us and our cause very early on.

Corinne Morgan, fan, friend and mentor to the Pretty Loaded mission.

Jen Sincero, New York Times Best Seller list and Author of “You are a Badass”.

All the businesses who cared enough about their employees and customers to provide them life saving skills.

The hundreds of students who attended our classes and believed in themselves enough to seek the empowerment we provide.

Everyone that follows us on Facebook locally and those that aren’t close enough to take a class, but believe in our mission enough to support us and help us pass on the message of “taking responsibility for your own safety”.

We are looking for many big things to come in the next year to make this world a better place and empower even more people with confidence to live the life they deserve. Online training is nearly complete and only weeks away from being launched, and we travel to Minneapolis next week for a Situational Awareness class, our farthest class yet. Coming in 2015, we plan our next big class offering:  Protect Your Home and Family which will build on and expand the information and skills taught in Situational Awareness and really “bring things home”.

We truly believe that everyone only has one special life to live. Don’t let anyone turn your dream into a nightmare. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to live the life of your dreams with one of our classes.

One year later, it rings more true each day: Be Safe. Be Empowered. Be LOADED!


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