The Power Pose, Pretty Loaded style!


What a fantastic night at Sixteen03 Main Events in Bismarck last week for the Pretty Loaded Online training premiere! The food, drink and ambiance were amazing! Invited to attend the event were family, friends, and some Pretty Loaded students.


Miranda, Kristen, and Beth

Everyone is very excited about the online training, and we viewed a shortened version of the full training that evening. Beth and her husband, along with some talented technology experts in the area have been working on developing the online training for the last 3 months.


John and Beth

If you’ve been to our website and have seen the Online training launch page, its now even better so its worth checking out again here

We had another exciting development in the past week. You may remember that back in January, Beth was interviewed on The Survival Podcast, which has over 100,000 listeners a day. Recently the host, Jack Spirko evaluated the training and said this about it to his listeners:

“Pretty Loaded has released their first video based seminar series on situational awareness and it is outstanding.  It may be targeted to women, but men can learn just as much from it.  I am confident that this seminar will save lives and it is something you should make sure the women in your life see.”

Pretty Loaded has currently transformed and empowered over 700 people through live self-defense classes in less than a year! Now the possibility of empowering people all over the world exists with the online training!


Students and Fans of Pretty Loaded

Did you know that over 80% of people wait for a tragedy or attack before seeking training to defend themselves? We’re trying to appeal to the kind of person who wants to be on the winning side of the statistics by realizing it’s better to have the skills and not need them than need the skills and not have them. Our suggestion and training is to learn the skills to avoid a confrontation altogether and develop the self-defense mindset to detect, dissuade and defeat an attacker. You should have lots of motivation to do so:

An assault occurs every 36 seconds,

A murder every 35 minutes,

A rape every 1.3 minutes, and

A robbery every 90 seconds in America.

You spend money on clothes, hair, vitamins and food, but what is the budget for protecting your life? You probably spend $99 on fancy coffee in a month and $99 on a pair of designer jeans. What is protecting your life worth? We think it is PRICELESS.

This training will give you confidence and skills to live your life with courage and boldness and will empower you in a way that hundreds have said was amazing in the past year. This training can be considered a cheap life insurance and you will remember the skills for the rest of your life.

At $99, consider giving the gift of safety this holiday season; does a more thoughtful and useful gift exist? Nothing says “I value you and your life” like a gift certificate for our online training (that can be printed or emailed). $99 is less than what a family of 5 would spend going to a movie for entertainment, why not have a movie night at home and learn skills that can be put into use immediately to make your family’s life safer?

Pretty Loaded students: the presentation is much more comprehensive than the live version, and it’s a great idea to review the course from time to time as well. You get a 50% discount too!

Finally, if you know of someone who needs the training, but just can’t afford the investment, have them get in touch with us via email at empowered@prettyloaded.org. We’re developing a scholarship program so that nobody is left out. It’s all about saving as many lives as possible after all.

We hope everyone is having an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend, and that you all have a happy and safe Holiday season.








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