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don’t Wait Until You’ve Been a victim

Ready to Stop Feeling Afraid in Normal, Everyday Situations?

  • Wish you didn’t always feel like a target?
  • Does it make you uneasy to walk across a dark parking lot?
  • Do you feel nervous when you’re home alone?
  • Have you been victimized?
  • Do you struggle to feel confident in tense moments?
  • Does your work often put you into unfamiliar situations?
“It’s simple, straight-forward, and full of great tactics and tips you can put to use today!

— Frank Sharpe, Founder, Fortress Defense

get prepared

Everyone Should Learn Basic Self-Defense

Random violence happens too often.

Sadly, most people don’t get any kind of self-defense training until after they’ve already been a victim, so our trainings are designed for you to proactively learn the simple, actionable skills you can use to keep you and your family safer right away.

What you’ll learn

This is Education You Will Not Get in School


Learn basic self-defense so you never feel helpless again.

Situational Awareness

Know what to look for so you can avoid threats and predators.

Body Language

Use your body language to repel most criminals instantly.

7 Modules

Training Module 1 – Why Pretty Loaded

Module-1Do you know what type of body language attracts criminals?

Violence can happen to anyone at anytime of day; it’s not just a dark alley kind of event. Your need to feel safe and confident is essential to your overall well being and it affects every area of your life. This is a proactive approach to self-defense because our #1 goal is to teach you skills to avoid a possible encounter.


Training Module 2 – You are the First Responder

Module-2How can you be ready as your own first responder?

The timeframe for a self-defense encounter is addressed and it shows how incidents are over in seconds when the national average for the police to respond is 10-15 minutes. The realities of violence and statistics relating to violence that might affect you are covered here. Develop the importance of a self-defense mindset for your Personal Safety Plan.


Training Module 3 – Situational Awareness Skills

Module-3Do you know how close is too close, and what is considered the “Danger Zone”? You will be surprised.

Situational Awareness skills have been used for decades by military personnel to keep themselves out of harms way and to see dangerous situations in time to respond. Learn the skills to navigate your surroundings for potential or immediate threats and develop Power Tactics against being targeted. Understand how important it is to keep your personal space when approached by a stranger.

Training Module 4 – Predator Mindset and Tactics

Module-4When a stranger asks you a question how should you respond? Would you go with someone if they brandished a weapon?

Our research on the predator’s mindset offers solutions for knowing how to deal with them. How can you win if you don’t know whom you are fighting? When criminals go to jail they “talk” and are studied by experts. We take this research and use it to teach you their strategies and common tactics. Body language and other cues to look for before someone attacks is also addressed here.

Training Module 5 - Intuition, Body Language, Verbal Defense

Module-5Do you know what body language you should use to get an attacker to stop before even choosing you as their victim?

Intuition will be your top safety skill and we will discuss how to tap into “trusting your gut”. Use verbal commands with enough command presence to dissuade an attacker. Learn the fighting stance and guard your personal space.

Training Module 6 - Defensive Skills and Hardware

Module-6Can a stun gun work through thick clothing? How many seconds does a pepper spray unit need to shoot to be effective?

You don’t have to be a black belt to learn how to use your body to fight and you will learn simple and intuitive style moves. Understand the pros and cons of pepper spray, stun guns, Tazers, defensive flashlights, defensive knives and the handgun for your personal protection. You need to know about all the options so you can decide what does and doesn’t work for you. We don’t tell you what to carry for protection, but whatever it is you must “own it” and practice.

Training Module 7 - Traveling Tips and Awareness in Public

Module-7Do you know what the safest floors to stay in a hotel are? *Is walking in the middle of a crowd or the edge of a crowd safer?

Learn important tips to use while traveling including transportation and hotel safety. Become the “grey man or woman” in a crowd and learn why that’s so critical. Discover the “fringe areas” where crimes are more likely to happen. Tips for parking lots, running paths, stairwells, elevators, bars, gas stations and more are covered.

Other Topics Include

  • Why violence seems to be more and more prevalent
  • Situational Awareness skills
  • Learn power tactics against being targeted
  • Verbal defense commands
  • Learn to keep personal space
  • Develop a self-defense mindset
  • Understand and read body language
  • Tips on parking lots, running paths and stairwells
  • Learn where “fringe areas” are located
  • Teenage and College age advice and tips
  • Tips for business travel
  • Predator mindset, common tactics and body language
  • What to do when seconds count
  • Psychological escalation in stress levels
  • Physiologic fight or flight response to stress
  • Pros and Cons of self-defense hardware
  • Intro to Krav Maga self-defense

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What’s my investment?

What’s My Investment?

How much is living with nagging fear costing you? How often do you nervously change your plans or go home early because you’re worried about your what-ifs? How often do you freeze when you get that “creeper vibe” from someone because you don’t know how to respond? Can your loved ones count on you to be there to defend yourself and keep them safe?

The costs of NOT having basic training in self-defense and situational awareness can be heartbreaking.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Keep yourself and your family safe in unfamiliar situations
  • Repel criminals and danger with easy-to-learn body language
  • Feel confident with your own personal safety plan
  • Avoid potential threats by knowing exactly what to look for
  • Outsmart predators by getting insider knowledge of how they target people
  • Feel like a badass with powerful self-defense

“We are very impressed with Pretty Loaded.”

—Stacey Payne, Florida Crime Prevention Association

“If you’re looking for a foundation in self-defense that you can implement immediately, look no further than the on-line training program Beth and the team at Pretty Loaded have produced. It’s simple, straight-forward, and full of great tactics and tips you can put to use today! Highly recommended!”

— Frank Sharpe, Founder, Fortress Defense

“I just wanted you to know of all the great feedback I have received from our employees who attended your training at all our different locations. I’ve had several calls and emails stating how much everyone learned and enjoyed the training. Thanks for making it a great experience for our employees!”

— Todd R., Human Resources Director, IRET

Random violence does happen.

You need the skills to be protect yourself because the truth is that attacks are over in seconds, but help is minutes away.

You are your own first responder.

With the online Pretty Loaded training, you’ll get the skills you need to be ready so you can live your life feeling strong, aware, and confident.

All the best,
Beth Warford
, Founder, Pretty Loaded


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When You Learn Basic Self-Defense and Situational Awareness, You’ll Feel Like a Badass

Because when you don’t have to be scared or nervous in normal, everyday situations, that changes everything. Instead you can walk with your head held high and your eyes open, confident that you can avoid dangerous situations, outsmart predators, and — if push comes to shove — you’re not going to feel helpless anymore.

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