Group Safety Training and Live Presentations

If you want to empower the team that works for you, we have several types of live events that will give them the knowledge, tools and resources to keep them safe at work and on the road.

An Investment That’ll Empower Your Team!

PRETTY LOADED is happy to work with you to customize our content to fit your audience’s needs whether you are a small business, University, or Corporation. Our training provides a great personal safety foundation for both men and women.

We focus on conflict avoidance and you will learn many tools to dissuade a predator from attacking you.  We provide many tips for business travel including hotel safety and how to “blend in” while in an unfamiliar city.

Pretty Loaded gave an informative program and demonstration on situational awareness and personal security for business travelers at our Leadership Conference.  Their program was highly rated and created a buzz of conversation among our attendees. Tim Rasmussen, MDU Resources

Participants will receive the Pretty Loaded Personal Safety Online Training or a DVD!

Interested in Safety Training for Your Group?

Our schedule is filling up fast!  If you are interested in scheduling the Pretty Loaded team to deliver our unique and empowering training experience at your organization, please fill out the request form below. A member of our team will contact you to discuss your specific areas of training interest!.

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Pretty Loaded personal safety training classes include some role-play, live demonstrations and audience participation, including verbal defenses, predator techniques and several effective Krav Maga self-defense techniques.

• Tips for business travel including hotel safety and blending in

• Realities of violence and statistics relating to violence

• The denial mindset and its dangers

• Why violence seems to be more and more prevalent

• Situational Awareness skills to navigate your surroundings

• Learn power tactics against being targeted

• Verbal defense commands

• Tips on parking lots, running paths, buildings, and stairwells

• Predator mindset and body language

• Psychological escalation in stress levels

• Physiologic (fight or flight) response to stress

• Pros and cons of hardware self-defense options

• Intro to Krav Maga self-defense

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