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Are some of the products sold for self-defense all they’re hyped to be, or is there marketing and reality that needs to be evaluated before we “bet our lives” on them?

Our first Situational Awareness/ Self-Defense mindset class that included men was on Saturday and it was another great class! Men are victims of violence also and the three men that completed the course learned a lot.

Some of the comments on the class survey were:

“I didn’t realize all the types of self-defense tools you can use!”

“Wow! I thought all pepper spray works and I didn’t know how close you have to be to someone.”

“Stun guns might not go through thick clothing? Something I didn’t think of.”

“What a professional presentation and I could not believe how quickly the time passed.”

“I know how to walk and act to not be a target and use verbal defense to keep strangers away from me.”

It is a great feeling when most of the students said they wanted to take more classes and they are going to tell all of their friends and felt that the class exceeded their expectations!

Our next class is our Intro to Pistol and Concealment on February 26th. We only have a few spots left (for graduates of the Situational Awareness course only) so reserve your spot today.

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