What a great group of women that we just had at our latest Introduction to Handguns and Concealed Carry class. These ladies were very eager to try all different types of guns and they were all top shots. This is another group of Pretty Loaded students that are “fired up” to have safe and confident gun skills, and Jamestown just got their first Pretty Loaded trained student!

A great compliment we had was from one student who had taken prior training and said that this class far exceeded what she’d experienced before. Everyone had a special reason for being there, and we feel very thankful to be able to empower all of them with such critical life saving skills.

We say it all the time: “the best fight is the one you’re never in.” However, if you ever come to that critical moment, the gun is the “great equalizer”. It’s far better to have the skills and not need them, than need the skills and not have them!

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Student practices shooting in a possible real life scenario.



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