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Pretty Loaded had a unique opportunity to present at a dental continuing education event last week. It was so great to see all of the dentists and staff that stayed for the Pretty Loaded event because it was not required to stay for the personal safety training and they didn’t get continuing education credit for it. However, they got life saving information which is more important! This really reaffirms that individuals are realizing they need to learn personal safety skills.

It’s no secret that violence is all around us and for some reason the media focuses on all of the negative events. It can be depressing to just hear the bad news and not see a solution offered.

Pretty Loaded feels there is a solution to the violence and it is to be proactive and educate people on predator mindset and tactics, and teach skills that can be used to keep individuals safe.


Power Pose for the big group! 

The first step you need for developing a self-defense mindset is getting out of denial and hoping that an assault will never happen to you. Denial is the big, white, fluffy blanket that we all pull over our heads because it’s comforting to not think about being attacked, losing a job or getting cancer. Our motto is to plan for the best, but prepare for the worst. If you are not mentally and physically prepared to deal with the unthinkable your chances of failing will be high.

The one thing all survivors of natural disasters and assaults all had in common was a plan and a mindset to deal with the experience if it ever happened.

Dental offices are not immune from violence, whether it’s the assumed “cash on hand” or having certain drugs for patient treatment in the building, they may even be more of a target. The crowd that attended now has a safety plan and they can go on to share the skills with their loved ones and friends so more are educated to fight against the violence.

What a wonderful opportunity to be able to empower well over a hundred individuals on safety skills. A big thank you to Warford Orthodontics for caring about their peer’s personal safety and trying to make the community a better place by sponsoring the training.

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