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Another excellent class and some of the ladies traveled from Jamestown and South Dakota to become educated and empowered on their personal safety. We heard some really captivating stories from some about their personal scenarios and are glad to help. We had the class filmed by The Creative Treatment for a Pretty Loaded marketing video because we have had so many requests for one from business locally and nation wide. Class requests keep coming in from all over, we even had someone email from Chicago yesterday, and we’re working on some web based content to help fulfill this need. Stay tuned for more!

Update to Class Curriculum

We have decided to take the Home and Family class off for the time being since we are so busy with the Situational Awareness/Self-Defense Mindset class and Handgun classes, we’re trying to get as many ladies through that curriculum before we add the full Protect Your Home and Family course with shotgun instruction. We’re always improving the class curriculum, and we plan on modifying the other two courses to get some of the critical information in for now.

Many homes in North Dakota have shotguns, and they’re a popular home defense weapon with attention getting power. Before we have the first actual class, we highly recommend Mark Sandness at Capital City Sporting Clays. You may likely find yourself a better shot than your husband and be the one to get pheasants for the dinner table this fall as well. Get a couple of ladies together and take a class, sporting clays are a ton of fun and a great way to hone your skills!

Krav Maga is a very important skill as we mention in class, but we aren’t Krav Maga instructors, we just show a couple of moves as an intro to show you its effectiveness because its not nearly as well known as other martial arts. As we mention in every class, we highly recommend taking classes from Master Tomas Reis and don’t forget about the upcoming Krav Maga event for Women’s Ground Defense and Chokes Seminar on May 17th from 10am to Noon and sign up at ND Krav Maga, and pay attention to their website for other women specific courses that will be critical to your skill set.

Finally, Pretty Loaded is traveling to Dickinson on Friday to empower the graduating senior girls and female teachers and we are looking forward to it! They have been through a lot this spring, so are doing our part to help them develop their own personal safety plan. Many young ladies take their safety for granted, and they really need this training just as much as the adults do.

Be Safe. Be Empowered. Be Loaded!

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