I’m grateful to have been inspired and called to begin this journey of developing the Pretty Loaded Team. There will be a Team of individuals that will make up our Safety Network, not just the instructors and me. A team connected together via the technology of the Internet to foster continued growth and development of their self-defense skills after the classes are over.
I’m grateful for those who have helped this project: Scott with Wild Inspire, and of course Kristen’s and Miranda’s contributions have been priceless. Tomas and Mark being willing to add their expertise is something all of the students will be grateful for once they experience it. I can’t forget to mention the support of everyone we’ve talked to in person as well as met on Facebook.

I’m grateful to live in a country and state that allows me the right to the tools of self-defense, because as a woman I’m at a disadvantage against a male predator without them.

I’m grateful to have developed the power of Situational Awareness. It has kept me from needing to use lethal force on more than one occasion.

I’m grateful to have the Sheepdog mindset (discussed in class) that drives me to want to protect those I love as well as those I don’t know, but may be in a time of need. This drives me to empower as many of you as I can.

I’m grateful for my instructors and mentors along this path. I now know the “calling” they feel.  My husband, Frank, Vince, Tommy and Bruce  – thank you!

I’m grateful for the “Mama Bear” talk Tommy gave when he was here last summer. It solidified my focus on Pretty Loaded as well as made clear my instinctive responsibility to protect my family. Just think of what’s possible for the safety of the world if every Mama was Loaded with the mindset, tools and skills to be a Mama Bear?

I hope all of you are having a great Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately, Predators don’t take holidays off. So stay on guard, especially with the early Black Friday “holiday” that so many partake in. Certainly there will be stories of violence over the weekend due to the “drive to get a discount” which so many put ahead of the well being of their fellow humans.

So, at 5pm tonight, you may be sitting down to a Thanksgiving dinner to give thanks for all of your blessings, with the power of gratitude in your heart. I know I will be. Fast forward to one week from that moment, and you could be sitting down with me in our Situational Awareness class, embarking on a journey which you will likely be very thankful for at a future Thanksgiving.



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