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Cheers to the people who embrace change and improvement! The first day of 2014 is almost gone and I’m sure you’ve at least considered one New Year’s Resolution.

You probably take measures to keep yourself healthy, but do you think about ways to protect the lives of you and your loved ones?

You probably go to the doctor every year for a check up, but do you take any measures to evaluate your personal safety mindset?

You probably want to work out more, but how about learning and training your self-defense skills?

You probably want to improve your nutrition, maybe even take more vitamins and supplements, but how about adding some defensive hardware, even something as simple as a flashlight?

Times, they are a changin’ (as they say), and if you did before, you should no longer take your safety for granted with crime rates on the rise.

Make what may be the most important and Life-Changing Resolution: sign up for our Situational Awareness/ Self-Defense class and take a step in the right direction on becoming a stronger and more empowered woman.  The next class is January 16th at Scheels.

Want a safer community? As Ghandi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world. “

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