Blank vertical book template.It has been a year now that Pretty Loaded has been making lives and communities safer through our Situational Awareness and Self-Defense Mindset classes. We’ve had almost 800 men and women in 3 states attend our classes, and we have heard a lot of stories shared in class and via email about near tragedies.

What were their immediate reactions in their moments of truth? Fear, confusion, and not knowing what in the world they should do to get out of the situation.

That’s why they came to our class, and the surveys they filled out proved that they got the answers they were seeking.

Probably the most widely motivating realization is when we point out this fact: When seconds count, help is minutes away. Most of the students thought that being on the phone would be enough not only to stop an attack, but that law enforcement would be there in an instant to stop the predator.

We have all of our students fill out surveys at the end of class, and we’ve used this information to not only validate our mission, but also to fine tune presentations in the future. The Pretty Loaded Online training is the most complete “class” to date, and has even more information than the live classes. To make the Online training even better, you get to learn it at your own pace, repeat parts that you need to, and share it with your family!

Another high point this year was being asked to be a Columnist for Brink of Freedom that has also been a big risk because I hadn’t written an article before. However, awesome things come to those who step out of their comfort zone. I’m proud to say that my most popular article has been read by just over 11,000 people as of today.

Since I was much younger, it was a dream of mine to write a book, and now I have compiled enough experiences and motivation to now make a Pretty Loaded book a reality. Pretty Loaded students know that my story is quite interesting and some of you may be shocked when you find out how fearful I have been much of my life. That was, of course, until I began my journey that has culminated into Pretty Loaded.

Most exciting though, is that I would like to include you in my book! How has Pretty Loaded changed your life? What changes have you made in your life due to the Pretty Loaded influence? If you have any stories please share them with me at We will keep your name anonymous if you wish and your stories are what keep us motivated to keep on doing what we are doing. Inspire others and save lives with YOUR story.

Ultimately, Pretty Loaded comes down to this: We are trying to change the world to make it a safer place and also instilling the confidence in our students to live their life with courage and boldness.

Be Safe. Be Empowered. Be Loaded.



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