Less than one month ago, we released our video “Are You Distracted: Taken in Seconds”. To our amazement our video reached over 43 Million people worldwide, and our quest for helping people make smart decisions regarding personal safety has just begun. 

Yesterday, we filmed our next short video promoting another common activity where situational awareness and personal safety skills can make all the difference in keeping you out of harm’s way. You may think a run in the park is an innocent activity where you can relax and enjoy the autumn season, but as countless victims can attest otherwise, it can turn tragic if you are distracted and not paying attention to your surroundings. That’s where Pretty Loaded Personal Safety Training comes in.

Many hours of work goes into a production like this, and with an enthusiastic cast and support crew it is very exciting and rewarding to see it all come together.

We didn’t think we could match the impact of the last video,
but all agree that we have.

Our hope is that as many or more will make the following realizations:

    • Bad people don’t make appointments and predators also strike when their victims least expect it.
    • Attacks happen fast and without warning. Don’t let denial blind you to the possibility that it won’t happen to you. We’ve had this verified by countless victims in personal messages sent to us.
    • You need to be prepared ahead of time for the possibility of an attack. The time to come up with a plan is NOT when you have seconds to act.
    • You ARE the first responder! Thinking that “You’ll just dial 911” may be a tragically optimistic preparation plan.

You can utilize our safety tips that will be provided in our next video and it will make an immediate and positive impact on your safety. 


Just as we were filming the “attack scene” the sun started to set on a calm and beautiful day. The wind picked up and blew the leaves around as the rain started to fall and the cold crept in. The environment was ominous and it made the set even more chilling as we heard the screams coming from the woods. It was a moving and powerful moment.

The actors and actresses were amazing; they knew the importance of what they were doing and what the goal was: to raise awareness, educate you, and save as many lives as possible.

We hope to open your eyes to the need to “load” yourselves with a Personal Safety Plan. Thank you to the 720,000+ people and businesses that shared the last video with family and friends!

Stay tuned for “The Runner” video coming soon!


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