“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

 -Margaret Mead, mid 20th century American cultural anthropologist

At Pretty Loaded, we feel like we’re fulfilling that mission Margaret Mead talked about, and our latest Situational Awareness class was no different! What a fun group of women at this last Situational Awareness and Self-Defense Mindset class! It was mostly mothers and daughters and what a role model the mothers were to invest in training for their daughter’s safety.

As most of you know, Pretty Loaded is an innovative self-defense and situational awareness enterprise that focuses on conflict avoidance, predator mindset and tactics, and tools to detect, dissuade and defeat a predator. We focus on avoiding a critical defensive encounter, but give our students ideas and skills to prevail if such a situation occurs. Gain knowledge and confidence to protect the life of your dreams!

One of the many positive reviews we received that sticks out is this: “Went to Pretty Loaded tonight with my 3 girls. Fabulous job, very informative, were taught some very helpful mental and physical skills!! We are all feeling more safe, confident…a little more badass!!! I will definitely recommend Pretty Loaded!!! Thank you ladies!!”

Thank you to the Bismarck Police Department for referring us one of the ladies that attended our class, and a huge thank you to the Idea Center for allowing us to use their conference room!




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