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There has been a lot of attention in the news about predators using social media to stalk children lately. I’m shocked every time I see a story of a young girl who has gone with a man she hasn’t met before. This is obviously not true of all children to be so trusting, but where do kids learn personal safety skills? It certainly isn’t in high school unless you’re very lucky.

I was thrilled when Pretty Loaded was invited to speak at the University of Mary’s Health Pro Team orientation here in Bismarck and it was a great time! What a great group of young adults!

I took a poll at the beginning of the class and asked if anyone would know how to respond to a threatening person coming at them in a parking lot. Not one person raised their hand. I have asked this question to many students and this confirms the lack of training and the need for it.

The training really resonated with the students and the reviews verified that they learned life saving skills. Here are some of the comments I received:

-Great program! The information provided in this program should be common knowledge for everyone! This mostly reinforced the importance of self-defense and body language.

-Great information! There were a lot of shocking facts! This is new information that could help anyone. I learned how important body language is in any situation.

-Live in condition yellow and be aware. I learned how fast a predator can attack you.

-I learned the value of being AWARE!

-This was well paced and organized. I would like my younger sister to take this class. I learned how to handle a situation as someone is trying to approach you.

-I really enjoyed the information that we were given. It is really something that all of us should know how to do. I learned the attributes that are the greatest for predators and what to do in that situation.

-I thought the presentation was done well and in an interactive way. This is worth telling others. I learned how to be aware and to walk with a purpose.

-I really learned a lot! My favorite speaker so far! Definitely going to share this with my friends.

-Just being aware and confident can be preventative. It was really great!

-Good information and outlook. This is a different outlook and view on some things than I’m used to and it’s a nice change. I learned to stand confidently and make eye contact even if the person is scary.

All of the students were given a free Get Pretty Loaded: Personal Protection Training DVD to watch and share with other students. A huge thanks to Kyle, the Director of the Health Pro Team, because she values her students’ safety and lives. Personal protection training is forward thinking and it is not for the average person nor the average University. The proactive mindset is what we need in our educational system and it is far better to know how to handle a situation before it arises than it is to deal with the potentially devastating aftermath.

Thanks to the University of Mary and we look forward to presenting on September 30th at 6:30pm where all of the University of Mary students are invited. Stay tuned for details!

If your school, college, or university could use training like this to empower your students, contact us! If you know of a student who can use help developing their Personal Safety Plans, we have online training and DVD training available.






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