We had another fantastic gun class with 8 ladies at the Personal Defense Center! A huge thank you to the Personal Defense Center for letting us use their fabulous classroom and range.

This group was diverse and they all came to get fully LOADED. Some of the women had their own pistols, but were not comfortable or confident using them. Other ladies came to try out all different types of pistols and revolvers and to find the gun that fit best and receive the training to use one.

By the end of the class all of the ladies had their targets in hand and were smiling from ear to ear because they became educated on gun use and safety and had the confidence from being able to make good stopping hits. Many found a gun they were going to buy after the class and others wanted to add a laser to their current gun for an alternative method of sighting.

We had a discussion on when you could or could not use force on someone that broke into your house and we talked about safe rooms and plans. Do you know where your safest room is in your home? What is your plan for your family if someone broke down your door and what should you tell your children? Come to our next gun class and find out.

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