Young people in a bar

The danger of being drugged unknowingly by being a victim of a “date rape drug” has become more and more common. We have heard many stories of people being the victims of this predator tactic in classes and in phone and email conversations.

It can be a stranger or even a person whom you “just met” and the effects of this assault can be life long. The victim becomes sick and the amnestic effect allows the perpetrators to rob, rape, or otherwise harm the victim without the victim being able to remember exactly what happened.

The drugs used are odorless and almost colorless so it is hard to notice in your drink. The safest recommendation is to order your drink directly from the bartender and observe them making your drink, whether there’s alcohol in it or not. Also, never leave your drink unattended at any time. As an example, finish the drink before you need to use the bathroom, and go through the same process again for your next.

There are many companies that make a product for a “test it your self” kit. One example is Drink Safe Technologies and an sample test card is passed out to our students in our Situational Awareness class. With just one drop from the drink on these coasters or cards you will instantly know if your drink has been drugged. Of course, they may not be 100% accurate with all drinks and drugs (there are so many different ones these days), so again, really consider monitoring your drink from preparation to the last drop.

If nothing else, the test cards also make a great “double check”. Get some for yourself, friends or loved ones. It sure beats having a designated person testing everyone’s drink at the table and waiting fifteen minutes for problems 😉


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