SA Class and BOB at Scheels

This group was our most aggressive group so far at a Situational Awareness and Self-Defense Mindset class! These ladies were ready to be empowered and they put all their effort into every drill which made it even more fun for us. BOB the dummy took some verbal abuse and palm strikes for the Pretty Loaded team, but better him than us 😉 We have 13 more Empowerment Ambassadors to make their worlds a safer place.

Some of the responses from the surveys are listed below:

“This class gave me more confidence!”

“You exceeded my expectations in this class.”

“I will be telling all my friends and family members what I learned and refer them to you.”

“I learned how to not be a target and guard my personal space plus use verbal defenses if needed.”

“This class opened my eyes because I have been so trusting and naïve.”

“I’m going to talk to the owners of the business my husband work’s for and the business I work at so you can train them . They need to get you to do this class for the safety of all their employees!”

“My co-workers were all jealous when they heard about the class I was going to tonight.”

Pepper spray and tactical flashlights were very popular as usual, and we even had a symbolic “hand over” of an expired and inferior “keychain” pepper spray to be replaced with an effective one!


4 of the 6 students at the Handgun Class

We also empowered and educated six more ladies to use handguns, their safe and effective use as well as concealed carry. A very important part is the psychology of firearms usage, and the very complex issues surrounding use of lethal force to defend yourself. The ladies loved the small, hands on group and felt very comfortable and safe throughout the class. They also commented that it was great to shoot a wide variety of guns to see what they liked best and it also built confidence knowing how to shoot different guns.

One of the SA students who works in the “oil patch” traveled to Bismarck for the “Fully Loaded” experience so far, taking the Situational Awareness class in the evening, and staying overnight for pistol training the next morning. We are getting more and more women inquiring from out of town, and we’re trying to schedule to accommodate this for you!

What would you do if a scary person approached you and wanted something from you? Do you know what to do? How would you react? What if you could learn to see the person coming and stop him before it was too late? Don’t take your safety for granted because statistics show that you have a 2 out of 3 chance that as a woman, you will be a victim of a violent or attempted violent assault at some point in your lifetime. Sign up for a class here and have the courage to protect yourself and loved ones.

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