Kristen teaching situational awareness to the group

If you live in western ND or eastern MT (or even if you don’t), listen up!

American Ford in Glendive, MT is an awesome, awesome place!

We traveled to Glendive last night (in a Ford SuperDuty, by the way) to present to over 60 women sponsored by American Ford. This is a car dealership that wants to empower their customers and improve their lives as well. I’ve been to many dealerships over the years and I don’t remember ever meeting such a great group of people.


Beth presenting

It was a fun group, and our updated Situational Awareness and Self Defense Mindset presentation provided even more information and skills to improve their own Personal Safety Plans. Comments from the students afterward confirmed that some life changing and live saving skills were going to be in their futures.

It says a lot about a business that values their customer’s safety and invests in them, and I can’t thank Kyle and Mandy enough for giving us the opportunity. If you know a business that values their customer’s and employees safety like American Ford does, get in touch with us.  Our communities will be safer with more people who learn the critical situational awareness skills and self defense tactics that are easy to implement and use every day.


Beth and Kristen with a local college basketball team enthusiastic about practicing on Bob

Don’t be oblivious to your surroundings, there are so many dangers in our lives these days, be on the lookout, know what tactics bad guys habitually use, and be Loaded with training and skills to keep  your life safe.

Glendive, you just got 60+ new Sheepdogs to help keep your community safe, thanks to American Ford.

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