Personal Safety and Situational Awareness Training for Corporations

Enhance Employee Security and Reduce Accidents as Part of Your Wellness Program

Available Online, Webinar, or Live Event

Millions of people have experienced our personal safety and situational awareness training videos and thousands have been trained in-person.

Our safety training is used and trusted by security directors of large corporations, the U.S. Court System, hospitals, real estate schools, universities, and law enforcement agencies worldwide since 2014.

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Your Employees Deserve to Feel Strong, Aware, and Confident

While most security training programs focus on reacting to an incident or random violence, we take a proactive and preventative approach to personal safety to help predict violent encounters before they happen. Preparedness results in clear thinking when your employees find themselves in a dangerous situation.

We have trained the security directors, staff and employees of large corporations, and we get top ratings from employees.

Train Your Employees with Our Interactive Program or Hire Us to Speak to Your Group

It’s time to be proactive about the safety of your employees. Access our online training for an unlimited number of employees for one year. The program includes:

  • Seven training modules described below with step-by-step instructions
  • A train-the-trainer facilitator guide with tips for conducting more effective training sessions
  • Interactive role play and Q&A
  • Participant handouts, safety guides, completion certificates, and evaluation forms
  • Customized training for your corporation, whether they are lone workers, hospital staff, or de-escalation guides specific for their industry
  • Email support provided by our expert team

Pretty Loaded has released their personal safety and situational awareness online training, and it is outstanding. I am confident that this seminar will save lives and it is something you should make sure everyone in your life sees.

Jack Spirko

Founder, The Survival Podcast

Book Us to Speak to Your Group

Host a 2.5 hour webinar or live event that will impact your employees’ safety forever. Most large companies have a crisis management plan and security teams in place, but it can be so much more effective to have employees empowered with personal safety and situational awareness skills. 

Custom Videos

We also work with corporations to create safety training videos for employees — particularly delivery drivers, field or lone workers, and realtors. Among the many options available, custom videos may address a company’s:

  • Brand identity and assets
  • Specific safety concerns
  • Educational platform formatting requirements
  • Employee user experience needs

We had Pretty Loaded speak at our annual conference. We are very impressed with Pretty Loaded and our law enforcement uses their training.

Stacey Payne

Former President, Florida Crime Prevention Association

Contact us using the form below for more information about including our training in your wellness program. Let us know whether you’re interested in using our materials in your training, inviting us to speak to your group, or creating custom video.

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Self-Defense & Situational Awareness

Increase your overall security by training employees about what to look for to avoid potential threats and how to respond to them appropriately along with decreasing workplace accidents.

Criminals & Tactics

Criminals use steps, stages, and tactics that we exploit in this training.

Body Language Reading

Employees learn the value of body language for repelling most criminals and how to read pre-attack indicators to avoid potential violence.

7 Modules

Training Module 1 – Why Pretty Loaded

Module-1Do you know what type of body language attracts criminals?

Violence can happen to anyone at anytime of day; it’s not just a dark alley kind of event. Your need to feel safe and confident is essential to your overall well being and it affects every area of your life. This is a proactive approach to self-defense because our #1 goal is to teach you skills to avoid a possible encounter.


Training Module 2 – You are the First Responder

Module-2How can you be ready as your own first responder?

The timeframe for a self-defense encounter is addressed and it shows how incidents are over in seconds when the national average for the police to respond is 10-15 minutes. The realities of violence and statistics relating to violence that might affect you are covered here. Develop the importance of a self-defense mindset for your Personal Safety Plan.


Training Module 3 – Situational Awareness Skills

Module-3Do you know how close is too close, and what is considered the “Danger Zone”? You will be surprised.

Situational Awareness skills have been used for decades by military personnel to keep themselves out of harms way and to see dangerous situations in time to respond. Learn the skills to navigate your surroundings for potential or immediate threats and develop Power Tactics against being targeted. Understand how important it is to keep your personal space when approached by a stranger.

Training Module 4 – Predator Mindset and Tactics

Module-4When a stranger asks you a question how should you respond? Would you go with someone if they brandished a weapon?

Our research on the predator’s mindset offers solutions for knowing how to deal with them. How can you win if you don’t know whom you are fighting? When criminals go to jail they “talk” and are studied by experts. We take this research and use it to teach you their strategies and common tactics. Body language and other cues to look for before someone attacks is also addressed here.

Training Module 5 - Intuition, Body Language, Verbal Defense

Module-5Do you know what body language you should use to get an attacker to stop before even choosing you as their victim?

Intuition will be your top safety skill and we will discuss how to tap into “trusting your gut”. Use verbal commands with enough command presence to dissuade an attacker. Learn the fighting stance and guard your personal space.

Training Module 6 - Defensive Skills and Hardware

Module-6Can a stun gun work through thick clothing? How many seconds does a pepper spray unit need to shoot to be effective?

You don’t have to be a black belt to learn how to use your body to fight and you will learn simple and intuitive style moves. Understand the pros and cons of pepper spray, stun guns, Tazers, defensive flashlights, defensive knives and the handgun for your personal protection. You need to know about all the options so you can decide what does and doesn’t work for you. We don’t tell you what to carry for protection, but whatever it is you must “own it” and practice.

Training Module 7 - Traveling Tips and Awareness in Public

Module-7Do you know what the safest floors to stay in a hotel are? *Is walking in the middle of a crowd or the edge of a crowd safer?

Learn important tips to use while traveling including transportation and hotel safety. Become the “grey man or woman” in a crowd and learn why that’s so critical. Discover the “fringe areas” where crimes are more likely to happen. Tips for parking lots, running paths, stairwells, elevators, bars, gas stations and more are covered.


Critical Topics

You get a set of tools to anticipate potentially dangerous situations and reduce the risk of harm.

  • The psychology of feeling safe, developing a self-defence mindset, and how to deal with the physiological fight or flight response
  • Situational awareness skills
  • What to look for to avoid potential threats and how to outsmart predators: Common tactics body language, and pre-attack indicators.
  • Power tactics against being targeted, verbal defense commands, de-escalation techniques and tips, and how to keep personal space
  • Locate “fringe areas” with tips for parking lots, running paths, and stairwells
  • Business travel safety tips
  • What to do when seconds count and help is minutes away
  • Pros and cons of self-defense hardware
  • Krav Maga basics and knowing when to use lethal force
  • Situational awareness so employees can “see something, say something or do something”
  • Read pre-attack indicators of danger with easy-to-learn body language
  • De-escalation training

We engaged the Pretty Loaded group to speak at our annual Leadership Conference. They presented an informative program, along with demonstrations, on situational awareness for business travelers along with a very interesting look at personal security in general. Their program was highly rated by our attendees and their presentation created a buzz of conversation among our attendees. They are professional and engaging presenters; they will make you rethink how you approach and respond to potentially dangerous situations.

Tim Rasmussen

MDU Resources

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Individuals can view each module on their own or you can train them using our Facilitator’s Guide.


We’re often rated the top wellness course by employees.

The Pretty Loaded program for realtors was the most interesting and relevant safety course they had ever attended. Your focus on awareness and being a hard target really made an impression on the group.

Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors®

What a fantastic group of training professionals! They are constantly availing themselves of every possible personal defense method – every opportunity for continuing education, to make lives safer. They are also modifying the skills used by agencies like the Secret Service and State Department to protect VIP’s, to teach Pretty Loaded students and clients how to better protect family members – particularly children. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to hear the team speak on awareness, empowerment and defense, you need to get it on your list!

Rick Colliver

Security Director, Time Warner Cable and Author, Principal Protection: Lessons Learned

I have received great feedback from our employees who attended your training at all our different locations. I’ve had several calls and emails stating how much everyone learned and enjoyed the training. Thanks for making it a great experience for our employees!

Todd R.

Human Resources Director, IRET