Footage from the filming of the viral video, “Are You Distracted?”

I just found this video on our home computer and I had no idea my daughter filmed this. She was only ten years old at the time and I thought she was taking pictures.

When I first scripted this video, I thought it would be persuasive enough to make people think about their actions for safety purposes. I had no idea it would reach 100’s of millions worldwide in the first week it was posted. I certainly didn’t expect calls from all over, including one from someone in Hollywood asking to do a video series on safety. At the time, it wasn’t even on my YouTube channel until 13 days later.

As a former children’s ICU and Sedation nurse, my forte has always been thinking out of the box and finding real solutions to problems. I also know that emotionally intelligent storytelling greatly influences others to take action. So what better way to do this than by video? Yet, I haven’t had any training at all in creating storyboards, video or writing compelling video. My ten year old daughter, Chloe, is the one who taught me how to shoot video, edit, add music, and include sound effects. 

Creating an inspirational video isn’t easy. As you can see from this behind the scenes video, it takes a great team of actresses, actors, a cameraman or woman, director, producer, audio crew, editors, a writer (which is me) and my affiliate crew. We wouldn’t be able to produce such amazing video without D & N Cinematics who has worked with us since 2014.

Fast Forward to Today

We are now creating custom video for companies. The most noteworthy is Grubhub, which employs hundreds of thousands of delivery partners. We created a series of custom personal safety educational and informational videos for their training platform.

Our tagline of inspiring the personal safety of millions around the world could not be more fitting for Pretty Loaded, and we are creating some amazing personal safety and situational awareness content that is saving people from violence and accidents.

I am so fortunate that my daughter taught me such a valuable skill and I hope to inspire others that it is never too late to start a hobby or even a new career.

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