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Our Mission: A globally recognized self-defense and situational awareness company that has a significant effect on minimizing violent attack incidents by educating and empowering people to use situational awareness and prepare them to be their own first-responder. Awareness of key techniques can have a profound effect on your personal safety.

Pretty Loaded Affiliate

Are you interested in speaking to Corporations, Universities or individuals about self-defense and situational awareness, and earn an income? Pretty Loaded has trained thousands of individuals with a motivational presentation that was rated a 9.5+ out of 10 on inspiration, knowledge gained, and speaker ability at the Florida Crime Prevention Conference. Our Affiliate program seeks to work with individuals, influencers, and safety & security professionals who share our mission to make a difference in the world. If this sounds like you, please apply below.

Affiliate Program Highlights

Become a CREW member and get on our site with your portrait, bio, and personalized Pretty Loaded email.

  • Use the Pretty Loaded PowerPoint presentation that has been constantly updated and improved over the past five years.
  • 50% revenue on all online training that is purchased through your link. (Online Affiliate commissions are deposited every month via Paypal.)
  • Use the Pretty Loaded brand to speak to large corporations for wellness presentations, or be a keynote speaker for large events. Our reach is 100’s of millions around the world and we have had 23.7 million views on YouTube alone.
  • Use our logo and brand for your marketing.
  • $10,000, but discounted to $7,500 “buy-in investment” for a limited time. All revenue for in-person presentations or Zoom presentations is kept by you as an Independent Contractor . (Initial investment recouped with 75 students or a few corporate trainings depending on the size.)
  • Spanish and English guides, documents, and online training.
  • Get one-on-one training via Zoom with the founder to know what it takes to be a motivational and informative speaker. Learn who to contact at Corporations and how to set up public classes.
  • Use all the testimonials, invoices, surveys, safety tips, videos, and information from Pretty Loaded.
  • Sell Pretty Loaded merchandise.
  • Receive a printed Facilitator’s Guide, 100 Pretty Loaded folders, 50 customized business cards, three hats, and stickers.
  • A custom landing page will be made for you with a contact form that goes to your Pretty Loaded email.

How Do I Start?

Fill Out Our Affiliate Program Form below.

  • Your website or information will be reviewed for approval to join the Pretty Loaded Crew. Apply now since we will be limiting new Crew members. Apply now since we will be limiting new Crew members and geographic exclusivity will be negotiated.

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