It’s an excellent feeling to have women leave our class saying they feel empowered by now having a plan and the mindset to protect themselves.

Who is the “real” first responder to a self defense situation? It’s the person being attacked. YOU are the first responder because attacks are over in seconds and outside help is minutes away.  Remember, police cannot protect all of the citizens and are called after an incident occurs. It is in your hands to know how to protect yourself and loved ones in the moment of truth. Will you be ready?

Our Situational Awareness class is aimed at AVOIDING the attack in the first place, and that’s the best fight – the one you stay out of.

Once again, we would like to thank Scheels Sporting Goods for letting us use their conference room and being so supportive of us! This is a great business that wants to see their community loaded with personal safety skills.

We won’t have a public Situational Awareness class in July due to training multiple area businesses (contact us if your workplace is interested, we can come to you) and our next Situational Awareness class at Scheels will be August 3rd from 2:30-5:00. Sign up today, that class is already filling up!

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