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My inspiration to start Pretty Loaded came from an experience I had when I was with my two oldest daughters at a public event. I was stalked and almost attacked and I just froze during the incident. Fortunately for me a family member came up to me just in time. The incident changed my life because I was so upset for putting my children and myself in danger and vowed to not let that happen again.

I have had years of training with guns, but no training in martial arts or Situational Awareness, and realized there are so many steps for safety before pulling a gun on someone. I decided to get training in Krav Maga and started researching Situational Awareness skills and the predator mindset. I was shocked by the research I found on who predators are and this is when I realized no other self-defense company focuses on the predator mindset. It is easy to detect, dissuade and defeat them if you know what to do.

There was so much I learned and decided to get the word out to the community and the nation. If Pretty Loaded could save one person from being raped or attacked then our business would be a huge success.

Our target audience is YOU whether you are a teenager, college student, mother or father, or a business professional.

Your fears may be:
– Protecting yourself, your belongings, your children, your home, and your family
– Walking out of work in the dark or running alone early in the morning
– Traveling for business
– Walking in a crowded city as a traveler
– Fueling late at a deserted gas station

Our strategy is simple. We will minimize these risks and fears for you by providing a three faceted approach to protecting yourself. The first is Situational Awareness skills so you can avoid potentially risky situations and stay away from trouble. The second is a Self-Defense mindset so you can use body language, mental tactics, verbal defense and physical defense if necessary. The last skill we will teach will be pros and cons of Hardware tactics and explain when they can or cannot be used.

The solution is coming to our class or hiring us to present to your employees or students to increase their safety knowledge. Our safety training presentation is professional, motivational, educational, humorous and inspiring.
We look forward to educating and empowering as many people as possible to create a safer world.

Be Safe. Be Empowered. Be Loaded! 🙂

Meet your training team!

Please contact us by calling (701) 484-6306 or send an email to empowered@prettyloaded.org

Pretty Loaded Safety Training Team

You may not have fear, but simply want to develop life altering skills and knowledge to enhance your confidence as a person.

Remember, “It’s better to have the skills and not need them, than need the skills and not have them!”

Beth Warford

Pretty Loaded Shield

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