Beth presenting her part of the Situation Awareness and Self Defense Mindset course

Pretty Loaded hit the road together today and traveled to Dickinson to present on Situational Awareness and Self-Defense Mindset to the Trinity High School senior girls, and what a group they turned out to be!

Being at an exciting time of change in their life made this especially poignant for the group as well as for Beth because she graduated from Trinity herself. With most of the girls heading out to college in a new city, a class on Situational Awareness just may be the most important one of their high school career.

Our intro to Krav Maga moves were fun for all of them, but I’m not sure what was more intimidating to BOB the dummy, the combative strikes or the nonstop giggling! All giggling aside, this was our hardest hitting group yet, bad guys had better look out.

As always, we strongly recommended seeking more advanced training no matter the defensive skills you choose for your personal safety plan.


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