Starting out with the Power Pose to get everyone fired up!

Pretty Loaded traveled to Grand Forks, ND last week to empower another IRET Properties group and what an energetic bunch!

Since IRET’s formation in 1970, their business has consisted of owning and operating income-producing real estate properties. They now have properties in twelve states and are traded on the NYSE.

Why is IRET so successful? One reason is likely their company values. A value that Pretty Loaded has helped 3 IRET groups around North Dakota with is ensuring their employee’s safety which directly translates to their happiness and success.

Some of the reviews were:

“I never wanted to hurt someone’s feelings because of not knowing what to say if I was uncomfortable, but now I know what to do.”

“The statistics of violence in America was eye opening.”

“I learned how to protect myself.”

“I learned that even a small person such as myself will be able to defend or get away in a situation.”

“ I learned how to walk and act so I will not be a target for a predator.”

“I know what criminals are looking for now.”

“Situational awareness is very important in staying safe.”

“Knowing how to defend myself if I were ever attacked.”

“Now I know to live in “condition yellow”.”


Part of Team IRET in Grand Forks

If you or your company is interested in empowering your Team and making them safer, happier and more productive, then book us to educate your team here. If you want to empower yourself and your family, click here!

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