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We had an AWESOME class today with the National Guard wives and daughters! With their husbands serving in Kosovo until October of this year (Thank you, National Guard!) they were very interested in keeping their families safe for their husband’s and father’s return.

We have to share some of the feedback from the end-of-class surveys, it was really affirming to us that we were on the right track, and teaching the right things!

Question: What inspired you to take this class?

Answer 1: If I didn’t take it and something happened, I’d regret it.

Answer 2: The possibility that something would happen to me or my baby when my husband was gone.

Answer 3: With my husband gone a lot, I wanted to feel more comfortable defending myself.

Question: What did you learn?

Answer 1: I think people think it will never happen to me, that we’re safe in North Dakota, but that’s not the case. It was really powerful knowing what to do if something would happen to me.

Answer 2: I didn’t realize my strength and its OK to say NO! and be a b*tch!

Answer 3: Just by taking this class, I realize I have to promote it to my friends and family!

Answer 4: Getting out of a choke hold, or the wrist release, I would never have known how to do those things!

We’re trying to make our community safer, and our students are always so receptive to the concepts we teach. Because this class all knew each other, it was extra special to interact with the group, the sharing was wonderful.

Once again, everyone really was excited about Krav Maga, luckily we have such a dedicated instructor locally at ND Krav Maga to whom we referred all of the ladies for more training, our brief introduction was just to give them an idea of what is possible.

The April 10th class is nearly full, be sure to reserve your spot right away!

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